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Jeera Rice


Jeera Rice, also known as Cumin Rice, is a fragrant and flavorful Indian dish made by cooking basmati rice with cumin seeds and aromatic spices. It is a simple yet delicious rice preparation that complements a wide range of Indian curries and dishes.

To prepare Jeera Rice, basmati rice is thoroughly washed to remove excess starch and soaked in water for a short period of time. This helps in achieving separate and fluffy grains after cooking.

In a pan, cumin seeds are sautéed in ghee (clarified butter) or oil until they become aromatic and start to crackle. Other whole spices such as cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom may also be added to enhance the flavor.

The soaked rice is then added to the pan and lightly toasted with the cumin seeds and spices, allowing the rice to absorb the flavors. Water is added in a specific ratio to the rice and brought to a boil. The heat is then reduced to a simmer, and the rice is cooked until all the water is absorbed and the grains are cooked through.

Once cooked, Jeera Rice is gently fluffed with a fork or spoon to separate the grains and ensure an even distribution of the cumin seeds and spices.

Jeera Rice is often served as a side dish alongside curries, lentils, or grilled meats and vegetables. Its fragrant aroma, subtle flavors of cumin, and the delicate texture of basmati rice make it a versatile and popular choice.

Whether you’re enjoying it with a spicy curry or as part of a larger Indian meal, Jeera Rice adds a delightful touch of flavor and fragrance to the overall dining experience.



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